Amsterdam, February 2018

I love seeing my favorite bands playing in overseas venues because it can be such a different experience. Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly were doing a European tour and when they announced a stop in Amsterdam, the Flogging Molly Cruise shipmates jumped all over the opportunity, myself included. After all, there were three bonuses: flying […]

Charleston, November 2017

My last stop on my five state journey to complete the eastern side of the United States map was Charleston to acquire a West Virginia tattoo. I had an overnight Greyhound bus from Richmond to Charleston and it was one of the worst travel decisions I have ever made. There was no good way to […]

Richmond, November 2017

In the last two days, I had already accomplished three of the states in my five state journey to finish up the east coast. The next stop was Richmond to acquire my Virginia tattoo. I woke up in Washington, D.C., and had an early morning Amtrak to Richmond. I slept well on the train ride […]

Annapolis, November 2017

My next stop on my five state finishing up the east coast tour was Annapolis. Although my train from Wilmington was landing in Baltimore, I was intent on getting my Maryland tattoo in Annapolis for two reasons: 1) it is a safer town than Baltimore and 2) it has the last of the US Fadós […]

Wilmington, November 2017

After a wild night in Philadelphia enjoying Flogging Molly and friends, I woke up incredibly hungover. I had no time to recover as I had another state tattoo that morning, my Delaware tattoo. I hugged my toilet for a bit, got ready, and headed to the train. A quick half hour later and I was […]

Bensalem, November 2017

I had five states left to do on the east coast so when Flogging Molly was scheduled to play Philadelphia, I decided to see Flogging Molly play and finish off the states that same weekend. I had known what my Pennsylvania tattoo was going to be for a while thanks to Joan Jett, who was […]

Auckland, October 2017

I did not want to leave Queenstown, but I had a flight and a hotel and an appointment for my official New Zealand tattoo waiting for me in Auckland. I was one of only ten non-Asians on the flight to Auckland, which surprised me, until I landed and had a chance to walk around the […]

Queenstown, October 2017

After my week of adventures in Australia, I flew to the land where The Lord of The Rings was filmed, New Zealand. Even flying over and looking down at the snow-capped mountains of the South Island brought tears of excitement to my eyes. My first stop would be Queenstown, an adventure capital, and I had […]

Hobart, September 2017

The place in Australia that I wanted to visit most was Tasmania because it was an island state and seemed more rugged and wild. Plus, people rarely went there while visiting Australia, and I wanted to be one of the few. I was staying in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, which allowed me access to […]

Melbourne, September 2017

I had always wanted to go to Australia. Ever since I could remember, when people asked me about the one place I wanted to visit, I would always say Australia. When Lord of the Rings came out, I added New Zealand to that answer. When the opportunity finally arrived, I carefully planned what would be […]